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IP Data Corporation


Individual patents or small quantities of image copies for applications and patents, plus file prosecution histories and other IP services may be ordered through our Automated Patent Library System menu and forms (APLS). To sign-up for APLS, Click the APLS Logon menu item and click the REGISTER link as the bottom of the page. There is no fee to sign-up for APLS to see what is available.  


This section introduces our bulk patent data collections with a link at the bottom that will take you to our Details page which also has links for samples of the data and copies of our MAPS Patent Data Format Specification.

We currently have the following Full Text Collections available in MAPS and MAPS-XML formats:

  • US Applications and Patents, 
  • WO (Patent Cooperation Treaty) Applications,
  • EP (European Patent Office) Applications and Patents, 

We also have Abstract Collections in English for the following Authorities in our MAPS or MAPS-XML formats:

  • US  -  Applications and Patents, 
  • WO - Patent Cooperation Treaty Applications (A1 and A2 Kind Pubs),
  • EP  - European Patent Office Applications (A1 and A2 Kind Pubs), 
  • JP   - Japanese Patent Office - this is not JAPIO XML formatted data),

The JP Abstracts are not in JAPIO format, no software is included for viewing, this is only the raw data files. They also have added fields such as the DOCDB Family ID and CPC Classifications if they were assigned by the EPO in the DOCDB collection.

Complete multi-page 300 dpi facsimile versions of the Full Text collections (listed above) are also available in TIF or PDF format. Front pages of patents and applications are also available for the same collections.

All of the above patent publications are available as annual subscriptions updated weekly that subscribers can access via FTP or HTTP.  Over 40 megabits of "enterprise quality" fiber optic  bandwidth is available to support our subscribers.

The latest MAPS Patent Text Data Specification, collection descriptions, approximate collections sizes and weekly subscription information, plus links to sample data are all available on the Patent Data Collections detailed information page at the link below:  

        Patent Data Collections 


Our staff has a lot of experience with a wide variety of technology. A small list of our areas of experience and expertise include:

  • End user computer systems
  • Server computer systems
  • Computer and Electronics Interfaces
  • Amatuer Radio system (licensed Amatuer on staff)
  • Commercial Broadcast systems (Licensed General Class Radiotelephone Operator on staff - w/ Radar endorsement)
  • MIcrowave Bridge Data Systems (radio links) with gigabits of bandwidth at distances of up to 50 km.

ElectroSmog Mitigation

You may not even know what Electrosmog is, but some people are very sensitive to the daily bombardment of Radio Wave in their homes and workplaces. If you are one of those people, or you  employ someone who is, we can help you in the following ways:

  • Using sophsitcated Spectrum Analyzers and Field Strength meters we can show you the sources of Electromagnetic energy, Radio Frequency emmitters, and all sources of offending energy that may affect you or your employee.
  • We can also show you how to move, or reposition your WiFI, your wireless phones, your cell phones to present the lowest level of these sources for you.
  • If the reductions aqres not enough, we can build shielding or show you where to buy "Off-The-Shelf" shielding solutions for you. 
  • We can also help you if are one of the unlucky people who sleeps next to one of the new Smart Meters outside of your bedroom and you are sensitive to it. We can show you how to shield yourself from the pulsed 450 and 900 MHz energy these units produce.
  • NOT EVERYONE IS SENSITIVE to these energies, but some people most certianly are, and
    "We Get It!"