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IP Data Corporation



IP Data Corporation has been designing custom software since 1999 for a wide variety of customer needs, plus we have been building custom servers and workstations for some of the projects. The following list of applications will give you an idea of the type of projects we have taken on and successfully completed for our customers:

  • Single and Multi User patent document search systems for professional patent searchers both in the corporate environment and the home office arena to provide totally secure (confidential) searches to be performed without worrying about "Who is watching while I search?", 
  • Remote control of radio transmitter, receiver & telecommunications monitoring equipment for HF, VHF and UHF systems,
  • Specialized patent document databases including multiple patent authorities (50 million+ documents with full Boolean Search capabilities),
  • Remote control of SDR (Software Defined Radio) systems for receiving and monitoring of commercial radio stations allowing owners to monitor their stations "true on-air" status in several cities/markets simultaneously,
  • Designed small applications to automate Internet searching for "Alert" systems to notify a customer when their businesses are mentioned or discussed only in new listings while tracking and ignoring all old or existing listings,
  • Designed an interface to an A.I. system to detect when the A.I. may be leaving the programmed support area of interest, 


We have designed and custom built computer servers and workstations for customers for office, database and scientific needs. Some of our systems still in use include:

  • Multi-CPU Xeon server with 24 terabytes of low cost disk storage for in-house document searching of US, EP, WO and JP Patent documents.
  • A 10 terabyte backup server including high speed (100 megabit) microwave bridge link for 24 hour access (even with the loss of commercial Internet services)
  • Proved to a corporate document library they could replace their more expensive failing Windows computers with small dedicated RISC, Linux-based computers for $75 each, using existing monitors. It ended the Virus problems, and saving money really can be a source of happiness for a department manager looking for inexpensive solutions.
  • You usually DON'T NEED A NEW COMPUTER! The most fun we have is the look on a customer's face when we upgrade computers for them using the new Solid State Drives (SSD) and they watch it run 5 times as fast as it did before, for ONE THIRD the cost of a new computer. 


IP Data Corporation maintains an in-house patent search system covering all US patents and applications (US), European Union (EP), Patent Cooperation Treaty Applications (WO/World), and Japanese Application Abstracts in English (JP-A). We offer individual searchers and attorneys an online patent search system with very affordable annual accounts. Searching includes full-text in English when available (US, EP WO), English Abstracts (All), Current CPC and IPCR classifications, bibliographic data (front-page fields), for multiple authorities. Boolean searching for all fields, Proximity searching for Full Text fields. Rapidly "flip" through complete 300 dpi facsimile pages in your results-set with a single keystroke, or bore deeper in each patent page by page with a another key.  The same type of display with the patent text including highlighted keywords-in-context is also available on the same system. 

Browse a bit - if you work with computers, communications, terrestrial radio services, commercial radio broadcasting, or your business is "computer heavy" we can probably help you out, and do it affordably. You will surely find something of interest. 


Our staff has a lot of experience with a wide variety of technology. A small list of our areas of experience and expertise include:

  • End user computer systems
  • Server computer systems
  • Computer and Electronics Interfaces
  • Amateur Radio system (licensed Amateur on staff)
  • Commercial Broadcast systems (Licensed General Class Radiotelephone Operator on staff - w/ Radar endorsement)
  • MIcrowave Bridge Data Systems (radio links) with gigabits of bandwidth at distances of up to 50 km.

ElectroSmog Mitigation

You may not even know what Electrosmog is, but some people are very sensitive to the daily bombardment of Radio Wave in their homes and workplaces. If you are one of those people, or you  employ someone who is, we can help you in the following ways:

  • Using sophsitcated Spectrum Analyzers and Field Strength meters we can show you the sources of Electromagnetic energy, Radio Frequency emmitters, and all sources of offending energy that may affect you or your employee.
  • We can also show you how to move, or reposition your WiFI, your wireless phones, your cell phones to present the lowest level of these sources for you.
  • If the reductions aqres not enough, we can build shielding or show you where to buy "Off-The-Shelf" shielding solutions for you. 
  • We can also help you if are one of the unlucky people who sleeps next to one of the new Smart Meters outside of your bedroom and you are sensitive to it. We can show you how to shield yourself from the pulsed 450 and 900 MHz energy these units produce.
  • NOT EVERYONE IS SENSITIVE to these energies, but some people most certianly are, and
    "We Get It!"