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IP Data Corporation


Client Information

IP Data Corp. does not sell, give away, or make any client information public, or available to anyone outside of our organization unless we ask our client's permission first - and then, only for a very good reason (such as safety, security or when required by law).

We feel very strongly about your privacy as well as our own.  We will not add to the millions of pieces of junk email, commonly referred to as SPAM (or UCE - Unsolicited Commercial Email) no matter what profit may come of it. And we will do our best not to aid those that produce junk email. Email can be a very useful business tool, but only if used properly.

We periodically send email to notify owners and subscribers of our government publications series of  important updates, corrections and new editions, as part of our regular service, but ONLY if they have asked for it. This is the only email we send to clients on a regular basis, unless you OPT-IN to a newsletter or other items of this nature that we may offer from time to time. You will never be "opted in" to anything we offer without knowing about it and specifically asking for it. You may subscribe to our Government Publications Newsletter when available, but we will NOT send it to you unless you ask.

Cookies, Web Bugs, Clear Gifs & Your Privacy

Cookies are a few lines of information that web servers place on your computer to track things such as your shopping cart, a valid logon, or other information. A typical cookie of ours looks like this:
APLSSignonName = Bob   SAT, 22-Nov-2003 16:32:11 GMT   IPDataCorp.com/

The first item is the name and value for that item, followed by the expiration date of the cookie, and finally a "path" on the server that issued the cookie. As you can see, it's not "rocket science."  We use cookies only to track your APLS logon, and they are only read by us (the same server that placed them there). We NEVER put passwords, PINs, or private/personal information inside of cookies.

For the most part, cookies are harmless, however, when combined with other technologies or practices such as "Web Bugs" (also known as Clear Gif technology) they can be used to track your "web surfing habits," purchasing patterns, and possibly even to identify you and your email address (and maybe even your physical name and address) along with all the other data they have collected about you. IP Data Corporation does do not approve of this practice, nor do we participate with any of the companies that do this sort of thingWe feel that if someone wants to know where you've been, they need to ask you, and you should also have the right to say "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, Thanks..."  Some companies participate and don't even know it. To prevent some of this from happening, you can set the security settings on your browser to "allow cookies to be read only by the site that put them on your computer." This does not interfere with purchases, shopping carts, APLS, or other legitimate uses that we are aware of. Deleting our cookies from your browser will not interfere with any of the services we provide except to log you off of our systems (until you log on again).

Credit Card Purchases

We no longer sell books which was 99% of our credit card business. So by choice we no longer accept credit cards for payments of any kind. Our customers are "On Account" and we will send you a montly statement that will be labeled INVOICE and trac ked by your customer number.   The terms are Net 30 Days


Our staff has a lot of experience with a wide variety of technology. A small list of our areas of experience and expertise include:

  • End user computer systems
  • Server computer systems
  • Computer and Electronics Interfaces
  • Amatuer Radio system (licensed Amatuer on staff)
  • Commercial Broadcast systems (Licensed General Class Radiotelephone Operator on staff - w/ Radar endorsement)
  • MIcrowave Bridge Data Systems (radio links) with gigabits of bandwidth at distances of up to 50 km.

ElectroSmog Mitigation

You may not even know what Electrosmog is, but some people are very sensitive to the daily bombardment of Radio Wave in their homes and workplaces. If you are one of those people, or you  employ someone who is, we can help you in the following ways:

  • Using sophsitcated Spectrum Analyzers and Field Strength meters we can show you the sources of Electromagnetic energy, Radio Frequency emmitters, and all sources of offending energy that may affect you or your employee.
  • We can also show you how to move, or reposition your WiFI, your wireless phones, your cell phones to present the lowest level of these sources for you.
  • If the reductions aqres not enough, we can build shielding or show you where to buy "Off-The-Shelf" shielding solutions for you. 
  • We can also help you if are one of the unlucky people who sleeps next to one of the new Smart Meters outside of your bedroom and you are sensitive to it. We can show you how to shield yourself from the pulsed 450 and 900 MHz energy these units produce.
  • NOT EVERYONE IS SENSITIVE to these energies, but some people most certianly are, and
    "We Get It!"