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Brief Overview of IP Data Products and Services

We focus our efforts on information products for patent attorney's, professional patent searchers, and patent system developers. 

ORDERING & SUPPORT - existing customers may email orders for Books, File Histories, NPL, or requests for support of existing systems to Support@IPDataCorp.com.  APLS can also be used to order documents of any kind including NPL and File Histories. Links to our Book order forms can be found on the Books & Manuals pages. Or, just call us toll free - 800-832-2823.

BOOKS & MANUALSSince 2001, we have been publishing high quality offset and digital printed soft-cover formats of the most popular USPTO books and manuals. These include:

  • MPEP - Manual of Patent Examining Procedure,
  • TMEP - Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure,
  • TBMP - Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Manual of Procedure,
  • 37-CFR - Title 37, Code of Federal Regulations, and 
  • US Code - U.S. Code for Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

ONLINE SEARCHING - We offer individual searchers and attorneys an online patent search system with very affordable annual accounts. Searching includes full-text when available in English, multiple classifications and specific bibliographic/front-page fields for multiple authorities.

BULK PATENT DATA - We offer the patent and application full text data in several formats for US, EP, and PCT collections, plus complete 300 dpi facsimile image data is also available (TIF or PDF). We also have several abstract collections including JP.

SEARCH SYSTEMS - we also offer complete ready-to-use search systems including custom hardware and software for your office intranet, or the Internet for your customers. Systems are available for as few as 10, or up to as many as 1000 simultaneous users.

Browse a bit - if you are involved in the patent industry, we think you'll find something of interest.


USPTO Changes Manual Naming Conventions

The USPTO indicated they have changed how they name or number their manuals. They reported that they will no longer use the "Edition & Revision" system (e.g., MPEP 8th Edition, Rev 9), and will only list an Edition number and Date, or only a date for certain manuals. In keeping with this new policy, they released the new MPEP

"9th Edition March 2014"

Cooperative Patent Classification System

The CPC is in full swing, but not all authorities are yet including CPC classification data in their weekly data subscriptions. On the good side, it appears the EPO is assigning CPC classes to every application and patent they process or track for DOCDB which makes sense for their internal searching for their examiners (they also did this with the ECLA system).