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Intellectual Property Publications
We publish the following books and manuals in print and electronic formats:

MPEP Manual of Patent Examining Procedure
PRE_ORDER 9th Edition at REDUCED PRICES (BEFORE printing begins)
Single Volume 9th Edition Goes to Print 2nd Week of April!
TMEP Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure
October 2013 Edition Now shipping
Available in our regular 7"x 10" format and a new 8.5"x 11"- larger fonts!
TBMP Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Manual of Procedure
3rd Edition Revision 2, June 2013 Now shipping
37CFR Title 37 of the Code of Federal Regulations (Rules & Regulations)
2013 Edition Now shipping

USC U.S. Code for Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights (Laws)
2014 Edition Now shipping

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US Patent and Application PDF and TIFF Images for $1.25 each  (or less*)
Our Automated Patent Library System (APLSTM) is a complete, online inventory of US, EP and PCT publications (Patents and Applications) ready for delivery in two electronic formats. You can order any of over 8 million US documents for $1.25 each, and any of the  Non-US publications for $2.25. With 5 different delivery methods, and average orders ready in less than 15 seconds, it doesn't get any easier than APLS.   
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P9 Patent Search SystemTM in APLS
Full Text Boolean and text phrase searching, along with current U.S. classification searching is available in our P9 system inside of APLS. Log on as usual and select Search P9/US - (this option is available upon request per user - see your account administrator).  For $4.95/day, you have complete access to over 8 million U.S. Patent documents with full text from 1976 to the current issue week. This include full images and up-to-date classes since 1790. U.S. Class searching provides you the ability to immediately narrow down your field of search and get down to business finding the patents you need for your reports. You can produce accurate lists and collections of the U.S. documents (patents and applications) for your patentability, novelty, infringement and other types of searches.
If you search patents as a professional, and you are interested in trying it out, just log on, and try it. The first 24 hours are FREE! 
P9 is easy to use and allows full page patent image page display in all recent Internet with NO Special Plug-In required in your browser. Developed in cooperation with one of the nation's leading professional patent search firms, P9 was designed to be easy to use, yet get to the focal point of your search in a hurry.  One of the our clients (a professional search firm) turns out over 400 searches a week using their P9 system (they have one installed in their offices undated online each week).
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Ask yourself the following questions:
Does your firm/company professionally search US patents and applications?
Does your firm/company purchase and use a large amount of US Patent data (images)?
Do you need the absolute security of searching US patent data on your internal network?
Does your staff have a daily need for immediate access to U.S. patent text and image data?
Does your firm (all locations) spend a more than $25,000/year for all* of it's US, EP and PCT patent data needs?   (*searching and all patent data requirements)
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to give some serious thought to your own in-house search system and/or fully automated patent data inventory (at a cost far lower than you ever imagined).
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US, EP and PCT Patent and Application Image Collections
Weekly U.S. Patent and Published Application images delivered to you on DVD media in TIF or PDF formats for 25% less than the similar USPTO subscription products, or via FTP. We also have the entire US patent collection from 1790 to the current issue week, and the US published applications collection from 2001 to the current week. 
Complete Image Delivery Systems (data included)
We have entire server systems (software and hardware) to manage very large image and text collections. These have high speed database components and additional modules for high speed printing and various reports associated with inventory maintenance and management of this magnitude. And, if you print a large number of patent documents and you have HP Laser Jet Printers (or any PCL-5 or PCL-6 language based printers), we have a software only printing solution that can speed up the printing of our TIF images by up 500% or more over the standard printer drivers and PDF images (the software only system approaches the HP rated laser engine speeds with no additional decompression hardware!).  We also have  custom delivery software to easily share the database with your entire firm (in one or more locations across the country). If you need an in-house patent image or text inventory and you want it managed properly (and easily), we are the only real "ready to go" solution that can be easily customized for your needs. Give us a call at 800.832.2823.
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The fine print (No need to read it, unless you really want to):
Government Publications for Intellectual Property Law Firms, Attorneys, Agents & Paralegals: Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) - Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP) Title 37 Code of Federal Regulations (37 CFR, 37CFR),  Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Manual of Procedure (TBMP, TTAB) as well as the most current Patent, Trademark and Copyright titles in the U.S. Code and CFR. We also keep you updated AFTER your purchase. Search Patent Full Text, Patent Text and Image Downloads, Patent PDF or TIF Images via Email for Intellectual Property Attorneys and Law Firms! We offer Professional Patent Search Systems, US patent Data and downloads, patent images with notification and links via email, and patents attached to email, in either TIFF or PDF format usually ready in less than 30 seconds (for an average sized order of 50 patents). We also offer high quality printed US Patent copies and US Patent applications. Standard stapled documents (simplex or duplex printed), or 3 hole punched reinforced for collections such as libraries and large search reports. Post issue documents are appended to the end of each patent where applicable at no extra charge. No need to order or even know of the existence of X6 documents or ReExams (post issuance) - they are appended to the original documents! Using multiple high speed dedicated Internet connections (T1, etc.), we provide fast downloads of even the largest patents. At $1.25  (no matter how large or how old), you will be hard pressed to find this quality, with guaranteed delivery at anywhere near this price. And, we also offer volume discounts below $1.25!  Give us a call. We also supply collections of patent images and US patent text on CD-R and DVD-R (Both +R and -R media), also with deep volume discounts based on quantity. We can even supply the entire US patent collection on DVD, Tape, or hard disk media for far less than the USPTO price! Call us today at 800-832-2823 to find out if we can help you!  Also, visit our friends at Hotel Pak Gold if you are interested in Private Label Spice Distribution!
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