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Ye Old MMURTL BBS The blue "Visit Our BBS" graphic is the link to the old MMURTL BBS. 
It is no longer active,  but some of the old comments are still useful. 

As you may know, the source code to MMURTL itself if in the public domain. I did this to allow you to do anything you desire with it. Even build  the "Son of MMURTL" - or daughter of MMURTL - that's OK, too.  The rights to the book are mine and no longer belong to the original (or any) publisher.  You are welcome to a free copy (on me) and you may also post whole copies where you like (when needed) and give them away. Please don't post sections of the book with providing a reference back to the book itself (here)  mainly because I hate finding things where the source is not identified or available That is all I ask of you (and it isn't much).  Use it all in good heath and most of all, enjoy yourself. And don't forget to spend time with your family!  It is important that you do.(or at least communicate if away from them).

CLICK HERE to download the PDF version of MMURTL V1.0 (MMURTLV1.pdf - 2.7MB)

CLICK HERE to get the zipped up PDF - same as the link above, only zipped up (under 2 Megs for those on dial-up).


CLICK HERE to download new memory code (3 files zipped up) that up the memory checking to 4GB ( - 26KB)

CLICK HERE to get the Floating Point library by A.J. Monroe

CLICK HERE to get some untested bug fixes sent in by AJ Monroe ( - Thanks AJ!

The Floating Point package was written and submitted by "ajm" (A. J. Monroe) - and it is some Excellent clean code, too!   Nice job, AJ!  Thanks.

The fix to the EIDE driver is now in the main source ZIP file. It is still limited to small drives or a 1 GB partition as the very first one on a larger drive (under 32 gigs). Someone told me they were trying to add a FAT32 file system, but no word yet. We shall see.  I started one about 4 years ago, but have not gotten back to it yet.  This "making a living" thing keeps getting in my way...

Questions? Try looking through the BBS, but as a last resort, you can email me. Keep in mind that I am fairly busy working for a living (authors do NOT make any money... trust me on that one).  So if you have a question, try to do your "homework" first.    Thanks again and enjoy it!

HISTORICAL DATA - Prior Printed Versions

Cover from previous printing (SAMS/MacMillan)MMURTL-V1.0 - was originally published by SAMS Computer Books (a division of     MacMillan Publishing) and it is a "How someone did it" book. It is not, and never was intended as a college text. The original publisher touted it as a "How To" book, and quite frankly, there is enough information in it to allow a competent programmer familiar with C and Assembler to build their own OS by choosing a platform, a tasking model, a memory model, and an execution plan and "just do it!"  I know of one company that now uses a "little MMURTL" in an embedded system, and I know several people that still work on their own MMURTL incarnations. Most of the text discusses the code the beginning of the project and then goes into the code in some detail.
Shown to the left as originally printed, it was previously titled "Developing Your own 32 Bit Operating System" (ISBN 0-672-30655-7).

When Sensory Publishing gained the rights, they changed the name and they printed another run of a thousand to keep it available in print. They are down to 200 copies or so and no longer sell it. The book is now in the public Cover from new printed versiondomain and any books will be kept for the Great Alexandria Library.

The last version published was titled MMURTL-V1.0 (ISBN 1-58853-000-0) and was an 8.5" x 11" "Perfect Bind" soft cover, now out of print, of course..  It was renamed because this is the name that the author had originally intended (and the other name actually belongs to MacMillan publishing). MMURTL is a bad acronym for Message based MUltitasking Real Time kerneL   ("Hey... all the good acronyms were already taken!").  The PDF ebook is approximately 2.7 Mb (available above).  The MMURTL PDF  requires a PDF reader.

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