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 MMURTL-V1.0 - 604 pages, Print ISBN 1-58853-000-0

The book previously published as "Developing Your own 32 Bit Operating System" (ISBN 0-672-30655-7) was reprinted and is long out of print - shown to the left with it's 2nd cover. Renamed MMURTL-V1.0 after the computer operating system that comes with it (source code and tools included), it was last published in a high quality, library grade, "Perfect Bind" soft cover book with CD.  But is now available free of charge as a PDF at the link below. This book is extremely popular among programmers interested in the internal workings of a computer operating system, or assembly language, or C compilers, or just about anything to do with controlling PC hardware (circa 1995 to 2000). And yes, much of it still applicable today. 


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