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General Information

IP Data Corporation is a privately held Class C corporation. We incorporated in 1998 in Alexandria, Virginia. Early in 2003 we moved to Edgewater Florida where the corporation was officially domesticated with the Department of State in Florida. As a service and information oriented company, our customers needs, requests and comments are the single largest driving force behind our policies and products - and we do listen, closely.  We have affiliates, associates and independent contractors in Alexandria and Arlington, VA that handle necessary interface requirements with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, the Department of Commerce and the Library of Congress. Our management staff and board members have over 60 combined years of management experience in the intellectual property data processing and document delivery industry, both in print and popular electronic formats via the Internet. Combining the IP experience with our extensive Internet and complex software engineering know-how provides us with a sharp competitive edge in several key fields related to data storage, conversion and delivery, as well as data organization and search tools, and this is definitely required because our document inventory grows at a rate of over 50,000 publications per week. 

We also consult and assist other IP data firms on the technical aspects of Internet data delivery of all forms of IP data.  We continue to improve current products, publication/data quality, and our IP data inventory, as well as designing and experimenting with new products and systems to make our client's jobs easier.

Basic Business Policies

The most important people in our business are our clients (some say this concept is obvious, but looking at some of the practices we see in this industry, it apparently isn't; not to everyone). We focus on customer service of existing clients ahead of all other functions we perform. More than once we have had to turn down new business to ensure we could take care of long standing client's needs. Slow, steady growth, along with keeping all of our clients happy is the result.

It is our choice that people answer our phones, instead of a machine. If you call and a machine answers, I assure you that it is either after hours (and we often answer when closed), or that we are very, very busy. I can also assure you that it won't happen very often. If you have a problem with our services or any of our products, please let us know and we will take steps to correct the issue immediately. If a product or service we provide does not meet our advertised standards, or industry standards that you have come to expect, or you find a problem with a publication or any product or service we offer, we will solve the problem to your satisfaction, or we will cheerfully and promptly refund your money. It indicates something important to us that most of our new business is by "word of mouth." We are also "sticklers" for good and proper business ethics. Doing the right thing is not always the most profitable thing in the short term, but we find that over the long haul, it is always better for the strength and growth of our company (and we sleep better, too).

We do not, nor will we at any time in the future, out-source any of our processes, printing, product development or support functions outside of the United States. This decision is based on our desire to provide our clients with the very best products and services, and we feel that it is best accomplished with direct hands-on management which is difficult to carry out half way around the world, and we also feel that the people that service your needs should be a part of, and responsible for, the company with which you do business.

The Past & Future 

IP Data Corporation started out as Sensory Publishing, Inc. in 1998 publishing technical, non-fiction and fiction titles in both print and leading edge electronic formats along with designing our own custom software to process and format the text and images for print publishing. We were too early and finding a good custom reader to use, was not possible at that time. Even the "bleeding edge" portable electronic reader displays were simply not adequate for our needs. We originally placed only a minor emphasis on government publications, but in 2002 we shifted all of our resources into an array of intellectual property products and custom software to handle the management, searching, custom image display and rapid delivery of U.S. patent data and IP publications after one of our partners became a customer and contracted us to design a very large data management and delivery system for US patent data. Building on the additional skills and knowledge gained from that project, we shifted our primary focus on data management and delivery systems for a much wider range of IP related products and targeted sales and marketing these products via the Internet. We listen closely to our clients and it helps us immensely. As of this writing, our IP client list is over 650 law firms and corporations, and the list continues to grow at a steady, but manageable pace.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important information. As always, if you have questions or comments about our policies, services or products, please call us at 800-832-2823. We will be very happy to speak with you. 


Christy Bartholomew
Publisher & Executive Vice President 


Cooperative Patent Classification System


In September 2014, the USPTO and KIPO (Korean IP Office) inked an agreement to work together on the CPC. KIPO will fully CPC classify all new patent applications and utility models, but no mention of back-file data. The CPC system is gaining wide acceptance. It definitely has the detail needed to replace the US system, and then some. We're still studying and learning the details, and the USPTO decision for the two year overlap (CPC/USC) makes more sense to us (it gives us more time, too. 1 year down, 1 to go). The EPO seems to have completed most, if not all of the their ECLA to CPC translations and CPC assignments, and unlike the ECLA data, the EPO's CPC data have been added to DOCDB for all countries they handle. We think it's a wonderful addition to the data, and our compliments and thanks go to the EPO!